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Chicken VS Eggs: Which is healthier to eat, chicken or eggs?

Chicken VS Eggs: Which is healthier to eat, chicken or eggs?


Many love chicken and eggs, relishing them both in many forms of preparation. While both are excellent for health, there is always a debate as to which one could be considered better. Some argue that eggs are healthier, while others are of the opinion that chicken is the superior meat. Whichever it may be, a non-vegetarian diet in a week could remain incomplete without them; especially chicken lovers just have to have chicken curry. Chicken and eggs are viewed as foods with high nutritional value, especially proteins. People who exercise regularly usually include either chicken or eggs in their diet. While both are good for one’s health, the question remains as to which one is better. Let’s find out.

Of all the non-vegetarian foods available, such as fish, prawns, and mutton, chicken is considered the most consumed. It is cheaper and healthier to consume. There are approximately 27 grams of protein in 100 grams of chicken. In addition, chicken has niacin, selenium, and phosphorus with vitamin B and healthy fats with low calories. The chicken will help overcome nutritional deficiencies. As health experts suggest, it can be easily consumed at least twice a week. Among the various parts, the breast piece has more advantages. Eating well-cooked chicken and consuming it is extremely good for health. However, excess consumption of chicken can cause maladies in health.

Governments suggest the intake of at least one boiled egg per day. One boiled egg a day will keep the doctor away. It contains proteins, calcium, choline, riboflavin, lutein, zeaxanthin, antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamins D and B12. A daily intake of an egg will prevent many health disorders, thus keeping the body fit and healthy. It enhances the immune system. So modify your menu keeping in mind the nutrition your body requires. If you eat too much chicken one day, there is no need to be consuming an egg.

Bottom line: Chicken and eggs are dense in nutrients and the wholesomeness of both can be interpreted in some sense, so selecting one between the two would not be arbitrary for the individual taste and nutritional needs.

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