Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“Chief Minister Revanth Reddy Addresses Revenue Associations’ Concerns for VRAs”

"Chief Minister Revanth Reddy Addresses Revenue Associations' Concerns for VRAs"

Certainly. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy engaged with a delegation of leaders from various revenue associations, spearheaded by Deputy Collectors Association State President V. Lachi Reddy. The meeting, held at the Secretariat, served as a platform for the representatives to extend New Year greetings while shedding light on pressing issues confronting Village Revenue Assistants (VRAs) across the state. Central concerns encompassed unresolved salary arrears spanning five months and the imperative need for the allocation of identity numbers to VRAs.

In a proactive response to these articulated challenges, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy demonstrated a receptive stance, instructing higher-ranking officials to expedite resolutions. Reflecting on the outcome of their discussions, Lachi Reddy conveyed to the media that the Chief Minister’s affirmative response paved the way for actionable steps to address the longstanding grievances of VRAs. The assembled delegation comprised influential figures like Telangana Tahsildars Association President S. Ramulu, Principal Secretary Ramesh Pak, Secretary General Foolsingh Chauhan, and other representatives from VRA associations. Their collective advocacy underscores a concerted effort to champion reforms and provide necessary support to enhance the welfare and working conditions of VRAs in the state.

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