Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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China Expels Former Defense Ministers:

China Expels Former Defense Ministers:


The decisions made by Chinese rulers are often very stringent. Punishments are severe, whether for officials or ministers. This is a key reason why projects undertaken in China are completed on time. Recently, President Xi Jinping delivered an unexpected shock to two former defense ministers. General Wei Fenghe and Li Shangfu have been expelled. The primary reason for this action is their involvement in corruption.

President Xi Jinping frequently states that corrupt individuals will be crushed with an iron fist. He is taking steps in this direction. The Chinese Communist Party has expelled General Wei Fenghe and Li Shangfu, who served as defense ministers during Xi’s administration. The government revealed that this decision was made following an investigation that found both former ministers had engaged in significant corruption within the defense department.

The official Chinese news agency reported that the former ministers were expelled due to their involvement in corruption. General Wei Fenghe and Li Shangfu served as China’s defense ministers from 2018 to 2023. Additionally, they held positions as State Councilors and members of the Central Military Commission. The investigation revealed that both leaders abused their powers, accepting large amounts of funds and valuable items. Since last year, both individuals have disappeared from public view. Fenghe, however, was seen at an event in May of this year.

In simple terms, this serves as a warning from President Xi Jinping to other ministers and officials in China. If someone makes a mistake, be it ministers or officials, they will disappear. The only statement that follows is their expulsion. After that, their whereabouts remain unknown to the outside world. It is believed that the government expels them to prevent the disclosure of national matters if they go abroad.

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