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Chiranjeevi’s master plan for Pawan Kalyan

Megastar Chiranjeevi has finally revealed his master plan for Pawan Kalyan’s political journey. Chiranjeevi bear his heart open at Godfather press meet on Tuesday. Answering a reporter’s query on ‘whether he will support Pawan Kalyan politically?’ Chiranjeevi made interesting comments. Megastar said that though he is unsure about completely backing Pawan Kalyan politically at this juncture, may sure stand by his younger brother in the future, if need arises.

With the latest statement, Chiranjeevi has sure put to rest many doubts regarding Mega brothers political trajectories. Chiranjeevi has categorically stated that he will support his brother Pawan Kalyan if equations work out. Until then, he said he will be silent politically.

Chiranjeevi even clarified that he is staying away from politics, only to ensure that there are no differences between himself and his younger brother and fans are not divided between both. He added that he is completely withdrawing from politics and staying away from political parties, so that Pawan Kalyan emerges as a strong leader. 

Chiranjeevi had set up Prajarajyam party during 2009 general elections in undivided Andhra Pradesh. But later merged it with Congress and became Union Minister. After completing his term as Union Minister he is staying away from politics. 

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