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CM Chandrababu’s Strong Class: CM’s Stern Warning to IAS and IPS Officers – “Would You Do This to Your Own House?”

CM Chandrababu's Strong Class: CM's Stern Warning to IAS and IPS Officers – "Would You Do This to Your Own House?"


In Andhra Pradesh, the question looms: will IAS and IPS officers finally get their act together this time or will they repeat past mistakes? These questions are haunting many officials. Recently, on Wednesday evening, Chandrababu Naidu, who has taken charge as the Chief Minister, held his first meeting with IAS and IPS officers at the Secretariat.

Once known for speaking for over half an hour, this time, CM Chandrababu allocated only four to five minutes to the officers. He spoke briefly and directly, delivering a pointed message and issuing a subtle warning. Additionally, his decision to keep the key secretaries related to five crucial promises at a distance has caused unease among the officials.

CM Chandrababu remarked that some IAS and IPS officers played a crucial role in the destruction and anti-people policies over the past five years. He expressed frustration, questioning whether they would damage a new house instead of setting it right. He was highly dissatisfied, stating that they had tarnished the honor of the All India Services. Many officials were shocked by the intensity of his remarks.

The CM mentioned that he currently did not have time but would arrange a meeting in four or five days to discuss all issues in detail before leaving the room. Consequently, the officials departed. Some IAS and IPS officers, who had once turned into sycophants at Tadepalli Palace, also attended the meeting.

Senior IAS officer Srilakshmi entered CM Chandrababu’s chamber, but the Chief Minister, visibly irritated, had the Chief Secretary (CS) send her away. IPS officer Anjaneyulu also attempted to enter the CM’s chamber but was asked to stay in the meeting hall by Intelligence Chief Kumar Vishwajeet.

When former CID Chief Sunil Kumar presented a bouquet to CM Chandrababu, he did not even glance at him. Additionally, Gopal Krishna Dwivedi, Secretary of the Mines Department, also tried to present a bouquet to the CM, but Chandrababu left without acknowledging him.

The secretaries of the relevant departments were supposed to issue Government Orders (GOs) related to the five signatures of CM Chandrababu. However, he kept them at a distance. All these GOs were issued solely with the signatures of the Chief Secretary. GOs related to DSC by Praveen Prakash, Anna Canteens by Srilakshmi, the repeal of the Land Titling Act by Ajay Jain, and the increase of pensions by Shashi Bhushan were supposed to be issued, but none of them were given the chance in Chandrababu’s government.

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