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CM Revanth Reddy Calls for Judicial Inquiry into BRS Government Purchases

In a significant move, CM Revanth Reddy has expressed readiness for a comprehensive judicial inquiry into recent procurements made during the BRS government’s tenure. This announcement comes amidst a backdrop of heightened scrutiny and transparency demands.

Addressing the assembly, Reddy highlighted three pivotal areas earmarked for inquiry. He specifically responded to challenges presented by Jagdish Reddy, emphasizing an investigative focus on alleged irregularities within the electricity department. Among the primary concerns are the agreements associated with Chattisgarh, Yadadri, and Bhadradri power projects.

Revanth Reddy accused the previous administration of withholding vital information from the legislative body, particularly concerning the Chhattisgarh agreement. He further alleged mistreatment of government employees who voiced dissent, citing instances of unwarranted transfers and demotions as punitive measures.

Moreover, the CM criticized past practices, suggesting that the former government exploited prevailing sentiments for fiscal gains. With a commitment to transparency, Reddy emphasized the imperative to unearth all pertinent facts, assuring a thorough examination of the job department and a subsequent revelation of detailed findings.

As the call for a judicial inquiry gains momentum, the political landscape awaits further developments, underscoring the significance of accountability and governance in the region.

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