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CM Revanth Reddy Special Focus on Warangal   

CM Revanth Reddy Special Focus on Warangal   


On June 28, Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is scheduled to visit Warangal. He will lead a survey meeting at the Hanumakonda Gatherer’s Office in regards to the city’s improvement works. The underground drainage work that will be done by the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority will be the focus of the review. In addition, the promises made during the election campaign will be the subject of discussion.

CM  Revanth Reddy has put a unique spotlight on Warangal’s turn of events. He is planning extensive enhancements for Warangal in addition to Hyderabad’s development. Warangal, which meets all requirements to become Hyderabad’s second capital, is being developed, with plans to build an airport and an Outer Ring Road. In this specific situation, CM Revanth Reddy is planning to lead a survey meeting to guarantee the comprehensive improvement of Warangal.

On June 28, CM Revanth Reddy will visit Warangal and hold a review meeting on city development projects at the Hanumakonda Collector’s Office. He will evaluate the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority’s planned underground drainage projects. He will likewise meet with public agents and authorities to talk about satisfying the commitments made during the political race. From morning to evening, the Chief Minister will spend the entire day in Warangal.

Officials have already been given instructions by the Chief Minister’s Office to gather all necessary information for the Warangal review meeting. In addition to the underground drainage works, MGM Hospital development, and Super Specialty Hospital construction, CM Revanth Reddy will review pending projects. He has recently expressed that it is his obligation to foster Warangal to the degree that all of North Telangana looks towards the city. As a result, CM Revanth Reddy’s visit is extremely significant.

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