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CM Salary: Do you know which Chief Minister in India receives the highest salary? Who gets the lowest salary?

CM Salary: Do you know which Chief Minister in India receives the highest salary? Who gets the lowest salary?


In Odisha the BJP government is being formed. Mohan Majhi elected as the legislative party leader, will take oath as the Chief Minister. With this Mohan the son of a watchman who has risen from a sarpanch and MLA to the highest position in the state. He will now occupy the Chief Minister’s chair. He will enjoy numerous facilities and a good salary. Meanwhile, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader Chandrababu Naidu was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. This marks Chandrababu’s fourth term as CM.

What is the CM’s salary in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh?

Chief Ministers in different states of India receive varying salaries. According to reports in addition to salary, Chief Ministers enjoy benefits like accommodation. They also receive transportation security and travel allowances. The Chief Minister of Odisha receives a salary of approximately ₹1.60 lakh. Salaries are paid to him and his cabinet members as per the Odisha Ministers’ Salaries and Allowances Act 1952. In Andhra Pradesh the Chief Minister’s salary is set at ₹3,35000 per month.

Many states in India have their own government planes and helicopters. These are used by Chief Ministers Governors and several ministers. Anyone can use these vehicles in emergency situations as decided by respective state governments. Generally, helicopters are used for short-distance travel. They save time and overcome road. Railway security issues are also addressed. Planes are used for travel outside the state. The Chief Minister is the elected head of the state. They possess many special powers.

Tripura CM receives the lowest salary

You might be surprised to know that Odisha is also among the states where Chief Minister receives a very low salary. The Tripura CM gets the lowest salary in the country at ₹1.05 lakh. The Telangana CM receives the highest salary at ₹4.10 lakh. Delhi ranks second in terms of highest salaries. CM Arvind Kejriwal receives ₹3.90 lakh. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, receives ₹3.60 lakh. This places him third among the highest-paid CMs in the country. Despite having two MPs like Tripura the Goa CM receives a higher salary than the Tripura CM. Goa’s CM has a salary of ₹2,20000.

By state, the Tripura CM receives ₹105,500. The Nagaland CM ₹110,000. The Manipur CM ₹120,000. The Assam CM ₹125,000. The Arunachal Pradesh CM ₹133,000. The Meghalaya CM ₹150,000. The Odisha CM receives ₹160,000. The Uttarakhand CM ₹175,000. The Rajasthan CM ₹175,000 and the Kerala CM ₹185,000.

Salaries are decided in the Assembly

Currently there are 28 states and eight Union Territories in India. The salary of each state’s Chief Minister varies. It is decided by the state assembly. The central government and parliament have no relation to the Chief Minister’s salary. There is also a provision to increase this salary. The CM’s salary includes Dearness Allowance. It also includes other allowances.

How much salary does each CM receive state-wise?

– Telangana CM – ₹4,10,000

– Delhi CM – ₹3,90,000

– Uttar Pradesh CM – ₹3,65,000

– Maharashtra CM – ₹3,40,000

– Andhra Pradesh CM – ₹3,35,000

– Gujarat CM – ₹3,21,000

– Himachal Pradesh CM – ₹3,10,000

– Haryana CM – ₹2,88,000

– Jharkhand CM – ₹2,55,000

– Madhya Pradesh CM – ₹2,30,000

– Chhattisgarh CM – ₹2,30,000

– Punjab CM – ₹2,30,000

– Goa CM – ₹2,20,000

– Bihar CM – ₹2,15,000

– West Bengal CM – ₹2,10,000

– Tamil Nadu CM – ₹2,05,000

– Karnataka CM – ₹2,00,000

– Sikkim CM – ₹1,90,000

– Odisha CM – ₹1,60,000

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