Monday, September 25, 2023
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CM YS Jagan’s strategy is clear

AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has completed four years as CM and YSRCP cadres are celebrating the achievement by conducting various programs across the state. Social media is flooded with celebratory messages and ‘YSRCPAgain2024’ hashtag is among the top trends. 

YSRCP official twitter handle made a tweet claiming that YS Jagan Government has fulfilled 98.4 promises made in the Manifesto, with blessings of god and support of people. YSRCP questioned, whether TDP or Chandrababu Naidu has guts to claim the same.  

YS Jagan has come to power basing on welfare promises.  He has also introduced several welfare schemes like no other CM.  Instead of political equations or governance reforms,  YS Jagan has mostly depended on welfare schemes to reach out to people.  If we consider the message being sent out by YSRCP on completion of 4 years,  it is clear that YS Jagan wants to come back to power on welfare schemes.

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