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Co-working space Dwaraka Pride launched at Madhapur

Dwaraka Infrastructure, which is into office space segment, opened Dwaraka Pride on Monday. It is a Co-working space for startups at Madhapur with 620 seats. The Managing Director of Dwaraka Infrastructure, Pradeep Reddy said, “We completed 13 projects with this with a total of 3.2 lakh sq.ft office space in the city. Our seating capacity has now increased to 6,500.”

Over hundred firms have established their offices in Dwaraka Infra’s projects. The company’s major clients include Swiggy, Ram Info, Tanla Solutions and Medicover hospitals. The company is targeting to complete six new projects with a office space of two lakh square feet and about 4,500 seats by March 2024. With this, the company’s office space base will increase to 5.2 lakh square feet and have a seating capacity of 11,000 seats. 

Pradeep Reddy said, “Beginning 250-seat capacity in 2016, we increased our capacity four times by 2018. Our company’s cumulative office space reached 1.6 lakh sqft and total seating capacity increased to 3,000 by 2020. Instead of independent buildings, IT firms are now opting for office space that offers convenience and flexibility. Hybrid mode of working is also helpful for us.”

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