Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“Concerns Mount for Team India as Kohli’s Absence Extends Amidst Personal Crisis”

The challenges for Team India intensify as they grapple with a loss in the first Test match in Uppal and a series of setbacks, including injuries to senior players Rahul and Jadeja. Now, a significant blow looms as Virat Kohli, who missed the initial two Tests due to personal reasons, is expected to remain unavailable for the remaining three matches.

Reports indicate that Kohli’s absence is due to a serious health condition affecting his mother, Saroj, who is dealing with a liver problem. The skipper is reportedly prioritizing time with his ailing mother during this challenging period. While awaiting an official response from the BCCI, concerns rise over the team’s composition and strategy for the upcoming Tests against England.

Following injuries to Rahul and Jadeja, the Test team has seen the inclusion of Sarfaraz Khan, Saurabh Kumar, and Washington Sundar. The upcoming second Test against England in Vizag from February 02 adds pressure to Team India, with both squads already in the city. The BCCI is set to convene a meeting in Mumbai to decide on the team selection for the remaining three Tests against England, further underlining the uncertainty and challenges facing the Indian cricket team.

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