Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Congress Government Tightens Belt for Dharani Irregularities Cleanup:

Congress Government Tightens Belt for Dharani Irregularities Cleanup:


Special Drive to Expedite Application Review:

The ambitious Dharani portal, introduced by the BRS government, has turned into a hub of irregularities. In response, the Congress government has initiated a cleanup of Dharani. As part of this, they have launched a special drive. Despite the portal being designed to transparently resolve land issues, delays in application reviews are occurring at various stages. In the combined district, about 61,019 applications are already pending. The backlog of applications has increased due to continuous elections, transfers of revenue officials, and the lack of interest from new officials in resolving these issues. Whenever collectors or other revenue officials change, all files are sent back. Even though reviews are conducted to resolve Dharani’s problems, they remain ineffective.

Fixed Rates for Slot Bookings:

The Dharani Act, introduced for the protection of agricultural lands, has become a curse for farmers. The Congress government is taking steps to amend this law. Not only the law but also the officials implementing it have turned corrupt. Exploiting the loopholes, they are harassing farmers. It is known that officials, through computer operators, have fixed rates for every slot booking. From lower-level to higher-level officials, it is alleged that work is only done if bribes are given. Recently, a woman in Veena Vanka’s revenue office, while residing in America, had her 22 acres of land fraudulently registered to others. In this matter, the Dharani operator, the land buyer, and two others were registered in a case. The district collector suspended Tahsildar Thirumala Rao, Deputy Tahsildar Srinivas Reddy, and Dharani operator Arun. In several districts, only political leaders, brokers, and businessmen are getting their work done smoothly, while ordinary people face difficulties. Despite running around for months, files do not move. No one explains the actual problem. When a slot is booked for five acres, they demand money by putting up obstacles.

Is it the Same When Officials Change?:

Whenever collectors or other revenue officials change, all files are sent back. During the Legislative Assembly elections, collectors were changed in some districts. Every time a new collector comes, Dharani applications are sent back. This also happens when higher revenue officials are transferred. As a result, a large number of Dharani applications remain pending at the Tahsildar level whenever collectors change.

Where the Problem Lies:

In many districts within Telangana, thousands of land issues remain unresolved. In this context, the power to approve or reject Dharani applications, previously held only by collectors, has been divided. Special drives are being conducted mandal-wise, with Tahsildars resolving applications related to four types of modules. They are examining petitions related to all types of inheritance transfers, land issues, and other problems. Some issues will be resolved by RDOs. Despite directives to resolve complaints related to corrections in Dharani, prohibited lists, modernization of records, and other issues at the Mandal and district levels, the efforts remain fruitless.

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