Monday, September 25, 2023
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Congress portrays KCR as Ravan

Telangana government is celebrating decennial celebrations on the occasion of ninth formation day. But opposition party Congress is mocking KCR Sarkar’s celebrations saying that KCR has done nothing except cheating and misleading people in his rule.

The effigies of KCR are burnt across state, saying that BRS cadres are celebrating while Telangana people are suffering. Saying that KCR has cheated in various ways since he assumed CM post, Telangana Congress leaders have made an effigy of KCR resembling demon king Ravan with ten heads.

The ten-headed Ravan like KCR’s effigies were burnt by Congress leaders protesting against TRS misrule. In the protest held by youth leader Anil Kumar Yadav, ten headed KCR effigy was burnt in Hyderabad.

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