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Controversy Surrounding Karimnagar’s Smart City Initiative

Karimnagar’s ambitious Smart City project finds itself embroiled in controversy as allegations of financial impropriety and mismanagement come to the fore.

Ravinder Singh, a former Mayor and prominent figure in the 51st Division, has publicly accused key figures, including Mayor Sunil Rao and MLA Gangula Kamalakar, of involvement in corrupt practices within the Smart City’s development framework. Singh’s claims suggest a misuse of funds, with particular emphasis on irregularities in payments to contractors.

Established in 2018 following the city’s Smart City designation, the project has an allocated budget of a staggering Rs. 934 crores. A substantial portion, amounting to Rs. 514 crores, has already been disbursed to contractors for various completed tasks. Both the central and state governments have equally contributed significant sums to this initiative.

However, recent vigilance inspections have cast doubt on the project’s transparency and efficiency. Observations by vigilance officers indicate potential attempts to mask substandard work by superficially overlaying roads, raising concerns about the project’s integrity.

In response to Singh’s allegations, Mayor Sunil Rao vehemently defended the project’s integrity, challenging Singh’s credibility and pointing to his previous controversial actions during his tenure. Rao’s counter-accusations suggest a political motive behind Singh’s claims, potentially signaling broader internal party tensions within the BRS leadership.

This mounting controversy has sent ripples of concern throughout the party ranks and the municipal administration. Engineers, contractors, and officials involved in the project now grapple with heightened scrutiny, uncertain about the implications of ongoing investigations and who will ultimately bear responsibility for any identified discrepancies.

In conclusion, Karimnagar’s Smart City initiative stands at a critical juncture, with allegations and counter-allegations threatening its progress and casting shadows over its future trajectory.

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