Monday, July 22, 2024
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“Convert your old scooter to CNG… It’s not too expensive!”

"Convert your old scooter to CNG... It's not too expensive!"


The world’s first CNG Bike by Bajaj, the leading automobile company, will be launched on 5th July in a grand event. Now, with just a few days to go for the launch, the big leap forward is Bajaj taking. At ₹80,000, the starting price for this bike, consumers purchasing it are never to be backtracked or distressed due to petrol issues once. Increasingly, the mileage of this CNG bike is said to be the best ever.

Still, if ₹80,000 is a hard deal about anyone, experts have another way. Experts say that installing a CNG kit in your old two-wheeler will help save on petrol expenses. In the market, many companies are working on the same. Let’s explore the benefits of CNG.

Installing a CNG kit in your two-wheeler may help you save on some costly petrol bills. Another vital point that can be taken into consideration is the fact that a CNG runs much cheaper than a petrol-run vehicle. A good vehicle running on CNG also gives you good mileage for traveling. Thus, most of the time, you generally go for fairly long drives at affordable costs. As of now, no branded company has brought on board a two-wheeler bike installed with a CNG kit. The CNGs fitted in the markets are by third parties.

Many would wonder about the installation cost of a CNG kit in some old two-wheeler. Well, in Delhi, the company is working on it at a known place called Lovato and is reported to cost only ₹15,000.

So far, however, these kits have been fitted only to scooters. A scooter with a fixed kit can run both on petrol and CNG. A switch is provided to switch between CNG and petrol. About four hours are required to fit this kit in a scooter.

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