Monday, July 22, 2024
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“Cooling-off Period for YCP Offices: AP High Court Orders”

"Cooling-off Period for YCP Offices: AP High Court Orders"


“The High Court issued orders regarding the notices served to YSRCP offices in Andhra Pradesh, directing them not to take any coercive actions until tomorrow. This order is crucial as it prevents any illegal actions against the offices. Earlier, the CRDA officials have already served notices to the Central Office of the Andhra Pradesh State Election Commission. The dispute between the authorities and opposition parties’ offices in Andhra Pradesh has intensified today. The government came into action and ordered CRDA officials to take action against illegal constructions. They focused specifically on YSRCP offices. The High Court has given a status quo on the notices served to YSRCP offices in Andhra Pradesh until tomorrow. This is an important development in the ongoing conflict between the authorities and the opposition party offices. The CRDA officials have initiated legal action against the YSRCP central offices involved in the ongoing construction in Mangalagiri in the last two days. Similarly, they have sent notices to many YSR Congress party district offices in the state.

They asked for details on the illegal constructions and requested that they should be stopped. YSRCP leaders have taken refuge in the court on this issue. They mentioned in their petition that the government has constructed party offices in the state, following the previous government’s move. However, CRDA officials mentioned in their petition that they will issue notices to a total of 10 YSRCP offices in the state and file a petition. This is due to their violation of land rules and regulations. The government is responding aggressively to counter the party’s retaliatory actions. The High Court heard the petition filed by YSR Congress party leader Appi Reddy today. The hearing took place this afternoon, followed by the issuance of a status quo by the court. The government has ordered the counter to file a petition until tomorrow, indicating that YSRCP offices will be notified until then.”

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