Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Crucial Discussions on Panchayati Raj Fund Utilization” 

"Crucial Discussions on Panchayati Raj Fund Utilization"


 AP Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan Review Meeting (AP Latest News): Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan is busy conducting a series of review meetings. He is thoroughly studying the departments allocated to him, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of each one.

As part of this effort, Pawan Kalyan is reviewing the current status, funds, and decisions that need to be taken for various departments. He has already conducted reviews on rural water supply. Recently, he held a review meeting with the Panchayati Raj Engineering and Rural Water Supply (RWS) officials.

On Friday, he met with officials at his residence in Mangalagiri. During this meeting, they discussed the utilization of funds and assessed the ongoing projects in each department.

Pawan Kalyan directed the officials to prepare comprehensive reports on the financial irregularities and fund diversions that occurred during the previous government. He also reviewed the engineering department’s recent road and bridge projects, central government funds, loans, and their usage.

To understand the specifics of each department, the Deputy CM is holding separate PowerPoint presentations with the respective officials. He has already taken a presentation related to the Swachh Andhra Corporation.

Prior to this, he took a PowerPoint presentation on rural development and water supply issues in municipalities. Pawan Kalyan criticized the YSRCP government, stating that the financial mismanagement under their rule is evident from the accounts of each department.

He noted that the previous government failed to utilize the loans provided by AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) properly. Pawan Kalyan was surprised to learn that AIIB had assured reimbursement if the state government undertook road projects.

Moreover, women working as data entry operators in the PR Engineering Department complained to Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan that they had not been paid their salaries for a year and a half. They requested him to ensure the payment of their pending salaries and job security. In response, Pawan Kalyan promised to do justice for all.

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