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CVoter Survey is “Cheating Voter” survey, fired Dasoju Sravan

Dr Dasoju Sravan urged Telangana people to be aware of fake and misleading surveys, taking a dig at CVoter Survey. As Election Commission announced the schedule for Telangana Assembly elections on Monday, Dr Sravan urged Telangana people to bring back KCR Sarkar for the third time, to continue the welfare schemes and development done by BRS Government.

“CVoter Survey, which is known for unscrupulous practices came up with a report saying Congress will win in 62 seats. When Congress party does not even have candidtes in 50 plus assembly constituencies how will it win more than half of Assembly segments? This is nothing but cheating and misleading people,” fired Dr Dasoju Sravan, terming ‘CVoter’ Survey as ‘CheatIng Voter’ Survey.

“CVoter Survey has come up with similar tactics even in 2018, to weaken CM KCR but failed. Once again it is trying to sabotage CM KCR in 2023 by colluding with Opposition parties. But Telangana people will teach a lesson to CVoter Survey on Dec 3rd. Telangana people should be aware of fake surveys and misleading reports spread by Congress and BJP,” appealed Dr Dasoju Sravan.

As Election Commission announced Telangana Assembly elections schedule, Dr Sravan stressed on the need for electing CM KCR for the third time.

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