Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Dark clouds over the car party.. Where is KCR?

Dark clouds over the car party.. Where is KCR?


Telangana politics are rapidly changing, and the BRS (Bharat Rashtra Samithi) seems to be losing ground. The number of MLAs leaving the party is increasing daily, and this trend looks set to continue. Despite the dark clouds gathering over the BRS, party chief KCR (K. Chandrashekar Rao) remains unmoved. Party leaders are even questioning KCR’s whereabouts. Three days ago, former Speaker Pocharam Srinivas joined Congress. Before the party could recover from this shock, Jagtial MLA Sanjay Kumar also left the party and joined Congress.

Sanjay Kumar is considered very close to KCR, so his departure raises questions about the future of the remaining members. Reports suggest that another six MLAs from the Greater Hyderabad area are planning to join Congress, with a date already set according to BRS sources. There are fears within the party that KCR might lose his opposition status by the time the Assembly sessions begin in July. KCR seems to be encircled by troubles.

His daughter went to jail in a liquor case, and despite more than 100 days passing, KCR has not responded to this issue. When the party is in trouble, KCR is not available to his cadre. Without providing assurance to those who believe in the party, there is a risk of them looking elsewhere. If MLAs and MPs leave, it might not be a huge problem, but if grassroots leaders switch sides, it would be very difficult to rebuild the party. With local body elections approaching, if KCR doesn’t become alert, the entire grassroots cadre might join Congress or BJP. If that happens, the BRS will become history.

There are rumors every day that the BRS legislative party might merge with Congress and the BRS party might merge with the BJP, but KCR remains silent. He might think that staying silent is a strategy, but it could lead to the party’s downfall. When in power, party members might not mind KCR being unavailable because they receive positions and funds. However, when out of power, KCR has the responsibility to assure them as the head of the family. Yet, he is reluctant to come out after successive defeats.

During the Parliament elections, he came out once, but it yielded no results. KCR must understand that he needs to be among the people constantly, not just during elections. Opposition is not new to KCR, nor are struggles. But losing power after getting used to it is new to former CMs like KCR and Jagan of the Telugu states. They are finding it hard to accept defeat. However, they need to take victories and defeats in stride.

Chandrababu Naidu accepts both and immediately reaches out to the people, correcting mistakes. His name remains untarnished in politics. When party workers die, he personally carries their coffins. He behaves like an ordinary worker in the party, which is why he sees victories after defeats. Jagan and KCR should learn this from Chandrababu. Only then will their parties survive.

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