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Darshan’s Anger Issues: Actor Not a Good Man, Says Kasturi on His Relationship with Pavitra

Darshan's Anger Issues: Actor Not a Good Man, Says Kasturi on His Relationship with Pavitra


Top Kannada actor and Challenging Star Darshan, known for his message-driven films and status as a top actor in Sandalwood, has become a villain in real life. His arrest has sparked discussions not only in the Kannada industry but also in the South Indian film industry. Darshan was arrested for allegedly killing a fan named Renuka Swamy out of anger over sending inappropriate messages to his girlfriend, Pavitra Gowda. He lured Renuka Swamy to Bengaluru, took him to a shed, and beat him so severely that he died. Former actress Kasturi Shankar has responded to the incident, criticizing Darshan and making sharp comments about his relationship with Pavitra Gowda.

Kasturi Shankar, known not just as an actress but also as a social activist, often expresses her opinions on various issues. She has shared her views on current and past issues in the industry. In a recent interview with iDream, she spoke about this matter.

“Renuka Swamy sent inappropriate messages to Pavitra after learning about her relationship with Darshan. Their personal life is their own. Social media has made everyone’s personal life seem like public property. People judge and harass others without considering what’s happening in their own homes. Violence should never be encouraged, but the deceased was not a good person either. He harassed Pavitra. What was his relation to her, and why did he send such messages?” questioned Kasturi.

“Being in a relationship with Pavitra was Darshan’s mistake. If it was wrong, the police and courts are there to handle it. If Darshan had any problems in his personal life, his first wife would deal with it. That’s their personal matter. But who gave the public the right to send harassing messages to a celebrity? Things went too far with Darshan. Darshan has a hot temper. Maybe he and his fans wanted to teach Renuka Swamy a lesson, but he died. So, the situation got out of hand. Everything should have a limit,” she stated.

Kasturi also recently expressed concerns about technology like deepfakes, mentioning Rashmika’s experience. “People without any work use AI technology to create obscene photos without spending any money. If you do this to a politician or businessman, they would disappear without a trace. But film stars are expected to stay silent and endure it. Is this fair? I don’t say we should go and kill or beat people, but how much can we tolerate? Everyone loses patience at some point,” concluded Kasturi.

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