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Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan: The Game Changer in Andhra Pradesh Politics

Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan: The Game Changer in Andhra Pradesh Politics


Entering politics with the statement that power is not the ultimate goal, Pawan Kalyan is now demonstrating his mark in governance. He is setting new standards for how to be an ideal politician and redefining political leadership. There is now a discussion on whether administration can be conducted in such a manner. In modern politics, many deliver grand speeches, often preaching principles they do not practice. However, Pawan Kalyan stands out. He practices what he preaches while managing administrative affairs effectively.

Pawan Kalyan, the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, has become the center of attraction in power politics. From day one after taking the oath, he dived into action, reviewing the departments assigned to him. This is the first time he has come to power after founding his party. He won and assumed office, ready to show his mark while adhering to the principles he believed in.

Known to all as a film hero, Pawan Kalyan balanced politics and movies until recently. But now he has become a full-time politician. More than that, he has come to power and taken charge of key departments, taking on significant responsibilities. Initially, there was skepticism about what a movie hero could achieve in politics. YSRCP leaders tried to corner him in various ways. However, he neither feared nor faltered. As Deputy CM and minister of key departments, he is proving his mettle.

Pawan Kalyan had a famous dialogue in one of his movies: “The rule should change after I come, the ruling should change, the time should change, the timetable should change.” This dialogue is now becoming a reality. He is showing that mark in governance as Deputy CM, with a strong desire to prove himself as an administrator and minister. Pawan has entered the field, keeping the trust people have in his commitment intact. Currently, undergoing Varahi Amman’s vow, Pawan is playing his key role in governance. He is staying simple and connecting with people, conducting reviews with officers, and setting trends rather than following them, which resonates with everyone.

Pawan’s party contested 21 seats and won all 21. They also won in both MP constituencies they contested, achieving a 100% strike rate in the elections. Now, Pawan has taken departments that directly connect with people. He aims to achieve a 100% strike rate in governance too by ensuring every household gets safe drinking water within the next five years. This means his commitment and targets remain the same in both election results and governance. Currently, Pawan is in charge of Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Rural Water Supply, Environment, Forestry, and Science & Technology departments. All these connect people with Jana Sena. Pawan now has the opportunity to change rural lives significantly.

After winning the elections, when Pawan Kalyan visited Pithapuram, his words reflected his political maturity to a new level. Pawan stood as a role model for the ideology he believed in and the people who voted for him. He created a new trend in politics. Generally, the elected take the oath in the assembly, but Pawan took his oath again in Pithapuram, where he first won, saying “I, Pawan Kalyan.” He committed to bringing international recognition to Pithapuram, showing his dedication. This is perhaps something rarely seen in current politics, encapsulating what “Pawanism” means.

Typically, governments spend people’s money and take loans for various works. Governments run on the taxes paid by people, directly or indirectly. Therefore, every rupee spent by a government should be done with utmost care and responsibility. This is the mindset of Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan. Those in power often use the treasury like a football, but Pawan wants to ensure every penny spent has value. He is against unnecessary expenditure, especially since AP is in heavy debt. Recognizing this, he has decided against repairs or new furniture for his camp office, stating he will bring his own.

Pawan once announced he would take a salary as an MLA to understand the hardships of people and the responsibility that comes with taking their money. However, recently in Pithapuram, his words increased the respect people have for him. He said he initially thought of taking a salary but changed his mind after seeing the Panchayati Raj department’s accounts, which had no money and were deeply in debt. He stated that he could not take a salary under these circumstances, taking another step forward as a leader people admire and respect.

Pawan’s statement that he is fearless, tough, and responsible carries significant meaning. By saying he would give his life if needed, he clearly signals his commitment.

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