Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Deputy CM  Pawan Kalyan Will Visit Kondagattu:

Deputy CM  Pawan Kalyan Will Visit Kondagattu:


Pawan Kalyan, Deputy Chief Minister of AP, to Visit Telangana The Deputy Chief Minister of AP is scheduled to visit Telangana. The timetable for this visit is set. This denotes the first time he is visiting in quite a while limit as Delegate CM. Authorities have proactively finished the plans for his visit.

Presently, Pawan Kalyan is taking the Varahi Deeksha, a vow to the goddess Varahi. He will sincerely keep this vow for 11 days, during which he will only eat milk, fruits, and liquids. Pawan Kalyan will also pay a visit to their family deity, Anjaneya Swami (Hanuman), as part of the Varahi Deeksha. It is vital that Pawan Kalyan saw this equivalent commitment last year also. Pawan Kalyan, leader of the Jana Sena and Deputy Chief Minister of AP, paid a visit to the Kondagattu Anjaneya Swami temple prior to the election campaign. He also did rituals for Varahi, his vehicle for the election campaign, and then he started the Varahi Yatra from there. Pawan Kalyan won a big victory in the recent elections for the AP Assembly, which helped the coalition government take power.

Pawan Kalyan will go on a tour of Pithapuram, his own constituency, after visiting Kondagattu Anjaneya. He will meet with Pithapuram residents on July 1 to learn about their problems. He will participate in a Varahi Sabha later that day. During this visit, Pawan Kalyan will likewise find out about the issues looked by individuals in the brought together East Godavari areas, notwithstanding Pithapuram.

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