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Details on Prashant Kishore’s plan to join Congress

According to political sources, election strategist Prashant Kishore is going to associate with the Congress party in a little while. He will announce his decision after discussing it with Sonia Gandhi again. He made an introduction giving a quick rundown on a renewal plan for the Congress and an approach to gain victory in upcoming polls in states and general elections in 2024 in his first meeting with Sonia, Rahul, and Priyanka Gandhi.

Several Congress leaders who have been asked for their assessment, have reviewed his introduction both on plan and his probability to join his hands with Congress. His plan conveys that ascendency requires rebuilding the party for reincarnation in Congress and aligning it.

The following are the key points of his plan to join Congress:

  • The creation of a new Congress for the masses
  • Securing its values and key principles
  • Destroying a sense of entitlement and sycophancy
  • Fixing the combination conundrum
  • ‘One Family, One Ticket’, to counter common nepotism
  • Reconstituting organizational bodies through elections across all levels
  • Fixed-term, fixed tenures for all posts including Congress president and Congress Working Committee
  • Identify and engage meaningfully 15,000 grassroots leaders and activate 1 crore foot soldiers across India
  • A federation of 200+ like-minded influencers, activists, and civil society members to Build Synergy, Coordinate Action, and Raise Dissent.

The Congress registered the assistance of one of Prashant Kishore’s top aides, after the discussions over protests on the way forward. Soon after the Congress’ election defeats in 5 states in the span of February-March, the discussions started again, which left the sustenance of the party in suspicion.

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