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Director Anand Ranga Reflects on “Oy!” Ahead of Its Theatrical Re-release

Director Anand Ranga’s debut venture, “Oy!”, is poised for a nostalgic comeback to theaters this Valentine’s week, marking almost 15 years since its initial release. Despite the film’s mixed reception upon its debut, Ranga approaches it with a pragmatic perspective, expressing both attachment and objectivity towards his creation. Reflecting on his handling of the film’s outcome as a younger filmmaker, Ranga acknowledges his maturity in accepting both the successes and shortcomings of “Oy!”

In an intriguing behind-the-scenes revelation, Ranga shares the origin of the film’s title, shedding light on its evolution from the proposed “Parugu” to the concise and impactful “Oy!” This insight adds a new dimension of curiosity for fans eagerly awaiting the re-release. With Siddharth and Shamili leading the cast, supported by notable talents like Sunil and Ali, “Oy!” garnered attention for its engaging narrative and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s chart-topping music. As anticipation mounts for its return to the silver screen, Ranga’s reflections offer valuable insights into the creative journey behind this beloved romantic drama.

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