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Disagreements among YSRCP leaders in Uttarandhra

Disagreements among YSRCP leaders in Uttarandhra


After a severe defeat in Andhra Pradesh, differences within the YSRCP are emerging. Leaders from local to state levels are criticizing each other. In this context, tensions are rising in the YSRCP of Uttarandhra. Although they have lost power, the leaders are planning to at least seize control of the party. A former minister is maneuvering to take over the responsibilities of the YSRCP President of Visakhapatnam district and the coordinator for Uttarandhra. Let’s find out who this minister is and what the situation entails.

Before the elections in Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP leaders were prominent in Uttarandhra. They were not just any individuals; they were political stalwarts who had been ruling Uttarandhra for several years. These leaders include former ministers Botsa Satyanarayana, Dharmana Krishna Das, Dharmana Prasada Rao, and Avanti Srinivas. They had the capability to easily sway Uttarandhra politics in their favor. Their influence was recognized even when they were not in power. During the previous YSRCP tenure, three of them served as ministers. Despite their confidence in winning the last elections, they faced a crushing defeat and were confined to their homes. Now, they are making efforts to maintain their influence within the party despite losing power.

While YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy is reviewing the party’s defeat across the state, former ministers, MLA candidates, and local leaders are analyzing the reasons for their defeat at the district level. Along with identifying the causes of their loss, factional differences are also coming to light, raising the question within YSRCP leadership about who should lead Uttarandhra.

Currently, there is a new proposal to replace Kola Guruvulu as the President of the Visakhapatnam district YSRCP and appoint former minister Gudivada Amarnath in his place, which has become a hot topic. In a recent meeting of YSRCP leaders in Visakhapatnam, there was a demand to appoint Gudivada Amarnath as the district president. This has led to a division among the leaders into two factions. One group supports Amarnath as the district president, while the other opposes it. Consequently, the district YSRCP has split into two factions. YSRCP leaders close to Amarnath believe that appointing him as the Uttarandhra regional coordinator will strengthen the party and help regain its former glory. Currently, Y.V. Subba Reddy, a Rajya Sabha member, is serving as the Uttarandhra regional coordinator. Since he is not a local and only two MLA seats were secured in Uttarandhra, there is a demand to appoint a local person as the regional coordinator. There is talk that Gudivada Amarnath is being proposed as the right person for the positions of both Visakhapatnam district president and Uttarandhra regional coordinator.

Key leaders in Uttarandhra, such as Botsa, the Dharmana brothers, and Avanti, have confined themselves to their homes with some disillusionment after the party’s defeat. Local leadership’s demand to appoint Amarnath, who is junior to them in politics, as the regional coordinator of Uttarandhra has made the senior leaders rethink their position. Despite not being in power, they believe that having control of the party will ensure that key local leaders in Uttarandhra listen to them. There is information that these four senior leaders are also considering the idea of becoming the regional coordinator of Uttarandhra.

Botsa, the Dharmana brothers, and Avanti are known for their calm demeanor whether in power or opposition. However, they now believe that a proactive person is needed to confront the current coalition government, and they see Gudivada Amarnath as the right person for this role.

Meanwhile, Jagan is reportedly in a dilemma, unable to remove Y.V. Subba Reddy from the position of Uttarandhra regional coordinator due to his close relationship, nor can he ignore the senior leaders or hand over control to a junior leader like Amarnath. This situation has led to a significant debate within the party about who should take over the leadership in Uttarandhra. Jagan’s indecision on whether to appoint a junior leader like Amarnath as the regional coordinator or continue with the current arrangement with Y.V. Subba Reddy has become a major topic of discussion.

Political analysts believe that Jagan might temporarily resolve the issue by appointing key leaders as district presidents while continuing with Y.V. Subba Reddy as the regional coordinator. There are also doubts about whether the senior leaders will cooperate if the control is given to a junior leader. Thus, the political future of Uttarandhra YSRCP is a matter of active discussion.

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