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Disha Patani: “Disha’s tattoo of Prabhas on her body… Is a new sister-in-law on the way?”

Disha Patani: "Disha's tattoo of Prabhas on her body... Is a new sister-in-law on the way?"


Everybody knows that pan-India star Prabhas is busy with a series of films. Along with the movies of Prabhas, everyone is also waiting for updates regarding his marriage. The fans have been eagerly waiting to hear from Prabhas about his wedding.

Speculations about heroes are nothing new in the industry. Whenever a hero is seen closer to a heroine, gossip begins that something is cooking between the two. And Prabhas is no exception. Gossip first began about his romance with Anushka.

Fans and netizens felt it would be fantastic if the two got married. But Prabhas and Anushka clarified that they were just friends, thus setting all speculations to rest. Fans still hope for their marriage somewhere. Once this chapter had closed in, and at the time of the movie Adipurush, rumors began about something between Prabhas and Kriti Sanon. It went to the extent where fans began calling her sister-in-law.

The fans on social media were overexcited and declared Kriti as the perfect Sita for their Ram. Prabhas refuted this story, too, saying there was nothing between them. Now, a new name has been added to the list of his rumored relationships—Disha Patani. Earlier, there was already talk about Disha being with him in a movie named Kalki.

Surprisingly, Disha showed up with a tattoo with “PD” on her hand, which gave way to new speculations. Before the release of Kalki, there was no such tattoo on Disha’s hand. It would have been done recently. Some fans speculate that “P” is for Prabhas and “D” for Disha. For the past few days, Disha has been showering immense affection towards Prabhas and netizens are abuzz of their possible relationship. To realize the fact, Disha would have to explain to whom exactly is the “P” in the tattoo.

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