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Do you know about Prachand ?

Do you know about Prachand ?.


The most trusted light combat helicopter in the Indian Armed Forces arsenal. This helicopter was not named with any intention. Despite having all the capabilities, the name came naturally. So, what are the specialties of this Prachand helicopter? Why are we talking about it now? Let’s find out.

It’s a completely indigenous product. It operates even in the most challenging environments. War tanks, bunkers, drones, it can target anything with hundred percent accuracy even in adverse conditions. That’s why the Indian Defense Ministry focused on it. They ordered 156 helicopters. 90 for the Indian Army… Another 66 for the Indian Air Force… That’s why we are discussing it now.

What’s special about it? There’s a lot. Developed entirely in our country… With the technology we’ve developed… Completely… The helicopter we’ve developed ourselves. Another specialty is… Such helicopters are not made anywhere else in the world. Yes… This is true. No country has manufactured a helicopter like Prachand. It has a record-breaking feature. It’s the only helicopter in the world to have it. It can land at a height of 5 meters… That means landing at 400 feet with 16 wheels. No other country has beaten this record. It’s HAL, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, who designed it… They have done such modifications and brought some helicopters into the field… Success like this has not been achieved by the Indian Army before. Since then, the defense branch focused on its development. They included these in the Army in 2022. They have achieved a hundred percent success. The success of the first helicopter to land and take off from the Siachen Glacier was immense.

Even in the most inaccessible areas, in unfavorable environments, it can fight enemy forces. The weight of these helicopters is only 5.8 tons. Air to air… And air to surface missile launchers. 20 mm turret guns… Rocket launchers. Advanced sensor system… Dual engines. Top speed of 268 kilometers. Capable of making circles in the sky at a height of six kilometers. It has such unique features.

So far, Indian Armed Forces have only 15. Indian Air Force has 10… Indian Army has five. To enhance their capabilities, the Defense Branch immediately ordered another 156 helicopters from HAL. The value of this deal is said to be 50 times. So far, HAL has officially informed about this matter.

HAL has also raised another milestone with this deal. Because in April, the Center signed a deal worth 65 crore rupees with HAL. They ordered 97 fighter jets. Now they are finalizing another deal worth 50 crore rupees. Due to this, HAL’s share price has also increased by 5 percent. Actually, in the last six months, this share price has increased by 93 percent. If we look at it annually, it has increased by 179 percent. The current market value of the company is 3.64 lakh crores.

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