Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Does Janasena get the opposition leader position? What rules are being mentioned?” 

Does Janasena get the opposition leader position? What rules are being mentioned?


In recent times, there has been much discussion in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly about who gets the opposition leader position. Typically, the opposition leader position goes to the party that wins more seats opposite the ruling party. However, it is a tradition that if a party secures at least ten percent of the total seats in the Assembly or Lok Sabha, they are entitled to the opposition leader position. The decision rests with the Speaker. If a party secures fewer seats than ten percent, the Speaker decides otherwise. In the current scenario, with a total of 175 seats in the AP Assembly, a minimum of 18 seats is required to obtain the opposition leader position. YSRCP won only 11 seats in the last elections. Therefore, it is clear that they cannot claim the opposition leader position. Minister Payyavula Keshav has already clarified this. At the same time, Jagan criticized the statements made towards the TDP in the past, and this may affect the opposition. In the 2019 elections, the Telugu Desam Party won 23 seats. If they get at least 18 seats, it is appropriate for the opposition to hold. However, the Janasena Party won 21 seats in the Legislative Assembly and achieved victory in 21 constituencies. According to the calculations, Janasena must obtain the opposition leader position. However, the party is involved in the government as a partner. The opposition leader position is only for parties not in government. Therefore, the Janasena Party does not have opposition. If any party wants the opposition leader position, it needs to win ten percent of the total seats in the Assembly. Only then can the opposition claim the position. If they participate in the election, they can achieve 10% of the seats. If the Speaker uses his expertise and the party does not get ten percent of the seats, the opposition will not get. Opposition leader status does not clear up the current situation. They are questioning.”

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