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Dravid Reveals How Rohit Stopped Him from Quitting After 2023 ODI WC Heartbreak

Dravid Reveals How Rohit Stopped Him from Quitting After 2023 ODI WC Heartbreak


Rahul Dravid shared his deep disappointment after India’s loss in the 2023 ODI World Cup, expressing that the defeat hit him hard. Following the World Cup, Dravid had planned a farewell from his coaching position in the Barbados dressing room, a decision that has only now come to light. Known for usually keeping his feelings private, Dravid opened up to his teammates on this occasion.

Team India, undefeated until the final, had performed admirably. Dravid said they were happy until the final loss, which he found hard to bear. Feeling disheartened, he considered packing his bags and leaving, believing his time as coach was up.

At that moment, Rohit Sharma called him, urging him not to quit and to stay on until the T20 World Cup. Dravid admitted that if it weren’t for Rohit’s encouragement, he might not have experienced the subsequent joy. Winning the T20 World Cup filled his heart with happiness, making him feel fulfilled as a cricketer. Dravid thanked Rohit Sharma for this opportunity.

Dravid remarked on the honor of being part of the Indian team, emphasizing that being one of the 15 players representing 1.4 billion Indians is a great privilege. He encouraged team members to cherish and uphold this fortune. Working with the team was an honor, he added.

Dravid recounted his numerous discussions with Rohit Sharma about the team, noting that sometimes their opinions aligned and sometimes they did not. However, they always worked for the team’s success without harboring any grudges. He expressed pride in the team’s fighting spirit and consistency and acknowledged the support of his coaching team and assistants.

The “final phobia” was gone, he said, and they had crossed that line. Dravid concluded by expressing gratitude for the love and support from everyone. He highlighted the importance of many contributors behind a team’s success, including the BCCI, which he praised for its exceptional support before taking his leave.

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