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“Dum Masala Song from Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram: A Fiery Musical Delight”

The much-anticipated Mahesh Babu starrer, “Guntur Kaaram,” has set the stage on fire with the release of its first single, “Dum Masala.” Composed by the talented S Thaman and featuring vocals by Thaman himself and Sanjith Hegde, the song promises to be a spicy treat for fans.

The lyrics of “Dum Masala” were penned by the renowned lyricist ‘Saraswati Putra’ Ramajogayya Sastry, adding depth and emotion to the track. Additionally, the song features a unique Spice rap written by none other than Trivikram Srinivas himself, giving it an extra layer of creativity.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Guntur Kaaram,” the fiery and energetic nature of “Dum Masala” offers a glimpse into what the movie has in store. With Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas joining forces, the excitement surrounding this mass masala film is palpable.

“Dum Masala” is now available on YouTube, ready to enthrall the audience with its spicy beats and captivating lyrics. This song is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable cinematic experience with “Guntur Kaaram.” Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated movie!

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