Monday, July 22, 2024
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ED Raids BRS MLA Mahipal’s Residence

ED Raids BRS MLA Mahipal's Residence


A raid was conducted by ED officials at the house of BRS MLA Mahipal, causing a stir among the top brass of the BRS. The raid began on Thursday morning at 5 AM and was conducted across eight locations.

Raids were also conducted at the homes and offices of his brother, MLA Madhusudhan Reddy. This has become a topic of discussion not only in the constituency but also within the BRS party. Both brothers are involved in mining and real estate businesses.

Previously, a case was registered at the local police station regarding the Lagdaram mines issue. According to reports, raids pertaining to the financial dealings in the real estate business are being conducted. Raids are also on at the residences of relatives of MLA Mahipal Reddy in Nizampet. Inspections have been carried out at the office of Santosh Granite Company related to the MLA. In one case, Mahipal Reddy’s brother, Madhu, was arrested and is currently out on bail.

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