Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Election results like Shakuni’s dice rolls.. Kodali Nani’s sensational comments

Election results like Shakuni's dice rolls.. Kodali Nani's sensational comments


Former minister Kodali Nani made sensational remarks on the election results in Andhra Pradesh. He alleged that the results were manipulated to favor TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP, comparing it to Shakuni’s dice rolls. He claimed it seemed as if the results were orchestrated from Delhi and reiterated his party’s concerns about EVMs. He expressed confusion over why they lost despite their good work.

Nani mentioned that whether in power or in opposition, Jagan Reddy stays in his own residences, not in government buildings or guest houses. He pointed out that they furnished the camp office in Tadepalli, questioning the fuss over the basic furniture. He said they would pay for it if needed or else the items could be taken back.

Nani emphasized the responsibility to protect the 1.3 crore people who voted for them. He mentioned that Jagan advised them to support their workers and move forward. Nani noted that Jagan suggested giving the coalition government six months’ time.

He criticized Chandrababu for not implementing his promises, questioning when he would give ₹1,500 to every woman and unemployment benefits to 20 lakh unemployed individuals. He accused Chandrababu of diverting attention by talking about Polavaram and Amaravati.

Nani asserted they are not afraid of being targeted and condemned the removal of YS Jagan’s security without a review. He also refuted the false propaganda that Jagan’s residences are in Rushikonda, stating that Jagan does not have the luxury of staying in government buildings.

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