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Enhanced Security Measures at Parliament Following Smoke Attack Incident

In response to the recent smoke attack on the Parliament building, the Central government has taken decisive steps to fortify security. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will now assume responsibility for safeguarding the entire Parliament complex.

A comprehensive survey of the Parliament premises is underway, led by experts from CISF’s Government Building Security (GBS) unit, in collaboration with fire unit specialists. This joint assessment, expected to conclude shortly, will pave the way for CISF to assume control over both the historic and newer sections of the Parliament complex.

During this transitional phase, existing security units, including the Parliament Security Service (PSS), Delhi Police, and CRPF’s Parliament Duty Group (PDG) teams, will operate under CISF’s overarching command.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the smoke attack intensifies. Special Judge Hardeep Kaur in Delhi has granted an extended police custody period for four primary suspects—Manoranjan, Sagar Sharma, Amol Shinde, and Neelam Devi—until January 5. This extension, made at the police’s request, aims to delve deeper into the incident’s intricacies. Additionally, the police have apprehended two more individuals, Saikrishna Jagali from Karnataka and another from Uttar Pradesh, both of whom are under investigation for their potential involvement in the case.

Saikrishna, an IT professional and the son of a retired DSP, was detained in Vidyagiri, Bagalkot, and subsequently transported to Delhi for further questioning, shedding new light on the investigation’s widening scope.

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