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Fake Mangoes Flooding the Market: A Shocking Revelation for Mango Lovers

Fake Mangoes Flooding the Market: A Shocking Revelation for Mango Lovers


Such mangoes can prove extremely harmful to health. A surprising news regarding this has come from Tamil Nadu. The Food Safety Department in Tamil Nadu seized fake mangoes from a godown. The officials seized seven and a half tons of fake mangoes and cautioned the people against consumption. When we say fake mangoes it doesn’t mean they are manufactured by some machines. The meaning is altogether different.

Calcium Carbide Mangoes:

The mango-lovers rush to purchase the mangoes traded in bulk in the market and are never concerned about their originality or whether they were artificially ripened. But you may question, how can there exist fake mangoes? Yes, what you heard is true – many fake mangoes are being sold in the market. These could be very hazardous to health if consumed. The food safety department of Tamil Nadu seized fake mangoes in a godown and issued a warning among people about the health hazards from the consumption of such mangoes.

When we say fake mangoes, people may think that they are machine-made mangoes. No, the explanation would be different. These mangoes plucked from trees, then some artificial process makes them ripe very fast, then they are sent to the market. That is why they are called fake mangoes. These fake mangoes are ripened with the help of calcium carbide. Whereas its use is completely banned because the fruits which are ripened with its help are very dangerous to human health. It is experts’ warning that the mangoes ripened with calcium carbide can cause very serious damage to health.

Calcium carbide is easily available in the market. It is a type of stone, which is why people also call it lime. Calcium carbide is placed in a bundle amongst raw mangoes to ripen them. The mangoes are then covered with gunny sacks and kept in an airtight place for 3-4 days. The mangoes thus ripen. Calcium carbide produces acetylene gas when not exposed to moisture. Any type of fruit can easily be ripened by this process.

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