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“Fake Toll Booth in Gujarat Tricks Drivers, Makes 75 Crore in 1.5 Years”

In a startling revelation, a fake toll plaza operating in Gujarat’s Morbi district successfully duped commuters, police, and government officials for about 1.5 years, accumulating approximately ₹75 crores. This illegal operation was run on private land by bypassing a national highway, thus escaping detection for a considerable period.

The fake toll plaza, strategically placed near the official Vaghasia toll plaza on National Highway 8A connecting Morbi to Kutch, managed to extort significant amounts of money daily. The modus operandi involved rerouting traffic through a private route, including land owned by the White House Ceramic Company, a closed factory. They charged vehicles fees ranging from ₹20 to ₹200, considerably lower than the actual toll rates, which ranged from ₹110 to ₹595.

Five individuals have been booked by the Gujarat Police for allegedly running this illicit operation. Their strategy involved offering a passage from a private route at a reduced cost, effectively assisting vehicles in bypassing the legitimate toll plaza.

The scam came to light after media exposure, leading to the intervention of the local administration and the lodging of a complaint against the fake toll booth. The incident highlights significant lapses in monitoring and enforcement on crucial infrastructure like highways, raising concerns about similar fraudulent activities that might be operating undetected.

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