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Father Kills Newborn Twin Daughters        

Father Kills Newborn Twin Daughters        


Regardless of living in a mechanical time, oppression young ladies continues. A shocking incident occurred in which a man killed his twin newborn daughters because he was upset that he did not have a son. This grievous demonstration was committed by the dad even before the world could see the babies. He took the babies out of the hospital and killed them in a car after being released. After that, he fled after burying the twin girls’ bodies. On June 24, this heartbreaking incident occurred in New Delhi. The subtleties, as given by the police, are as per the following:

In 2022, Delhi’s Neeraj Solanki tied the knot with Pooja. Pooja became pregnant and brought forth twin young ladies on May 30 at Rohtak Emergency clinic in Haryana. The fact that the babies were girls bothered Neeraj and his family. From the hour of their marriage, Pooja’s parents in law had been forcing her to bring forth a child and had been bugging her. At the point when they discovered that the twins were young ladies, Neeraj and his folks exposed Pooja to brutal and pernicious remarks.

On June 1, Pooja and her twin little girls were released from the clinic. Pooja left for her parental home in one vehicle, while Neeraj went in one more vehicle with the twin young ladies. Pooja expected Neeraj was following her vehicle. Notwithstanding, Neeraj took an alternate course and snatched the twins. From that point forward, there has been no hint of Neeraj. Regardless of Pooja and her sibling attempting to reach him on various occasions, Neeraj didn’t answer.

Pooja and her brother found out that Neeraj had killed and buried the twin girls in Puth Kalan, outside of Delhi. After that, they complained to the police.

In her protest, Pooja referenced that since wedding Neeraj in 2022, her parents in law had been pestering her for share and compelling her to have a child. She claimed that because she gave birth to twin girls, Neeraj and his parents committed this heinous act. The twin girls’ bodies were discovered by the police on June 5 and sent for post-mortem examination in response to the complaint. The specific reason for death is not really set in stone. A case has been enrolled, and an examination is continuous. The police have proactively captured Neeraj’s dad and are seriously looking for the slipping away Neeraj.

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