Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Fewer EVMs in Use Prompts Return to Ballot Papers in America    

Fewer EVMs in Use Prompts Return to Ballot Papers in America    


Elon Musk made a tweet about an announcement regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). After that tweet, many campaigns started in India on EVM hacking. In the United States, without machines, why they vote by paper is questioned by many people. Now we know the reason for this. Whether it is India or America, there is intense discussion about EVMs. Elon Musk recently made an announcement about an EVM, and after that, many political leaders demanded a change to paper ballots instead. Allen, on electronic voting missions, started the issue of hacking. This has made the discussion on EVMs across the country intense. In the 1800s, American elections entered mechanical voting missions. But today, many people are voting by paper in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Only 5 states, including Delaware and Georgia, are using machine voting missions.

America and electronic voting machines… Despite being the most technically advanced country, American citizens still give priority to paper voting. This surprises many people. However, there are two reasons behind this. The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) chairman Tom Hicks explained that the first reason is that there is no clear record for backup in electronic voting. Therefore, voters should give priority to the second reason for voting. Voting with paper ballots allows for quick and accurate counting. From the mid-2000s, voting missions in America and European countries have decreased. These countries chose paper voting as the safest way to audit their elections. After the counting of the 2000 presidential elections, the government spent $3 billion. Only for elections, they formed a separate budget. With this fund, they have used electronic direct-recording (DRE) machines. The main purpose was to gain voter confidence in the voting process. There were many doubts among the voters themselves.

Flaws in electronic voting methods… The biggest flaw in American electronic voting machines is that there is no definite record to back up electronic votes. This means that election officials can’t hack or tamper with voting machines. That’s why people should start some actions. Social media campaigns spread security vulnerabilities. Some think that a major news organization like Reuters has included some topics. People are expecting wrong information about the election machines on social media. Voting, counting, and counting machines are changing like Trump and other leaders are promoting the news agency in their press releases.

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