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Finally, Elon Musk becomes the CEO of Twitter

As the micro blogging platform braces for deeper layoffs under Elon Musk, he has now become the new CEO of Twitter. Earlier, Musk tweeted that he has no idea who the CEO of Twitter is, the latest US Secretaries and Exchange Commission has announced that Musk is now the sole reporting person at Twitter. 

Musk also tweeted, “My title is Chief Twit right there in the bio. No idea who the CEO is.” Meanwhile, the Washington post reported that Twitter layoffs would hit a quarter of the staff roughly, heavily impacting teams including sales, product, engineering, legal and trust and safety. To help with the transition, Musk has brought more than fifty employees from Tesla into Twitter.

As a result of the consummation of the Merger, Elon Musk became the sole director of Twitter on October 27. As said by the SEC filing, the following persons, who were directors of Twitter before the effective time of the Merger, are no longer directors of the micro blogging site. 

All the previous members of Twitter’s board, including recently ousted CEO Agarwal and chairman Taylor, are no longer directors, regarding the terms of the merger agreement. 

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