Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Food that builds immunity:

food that builds immunity


The monsoon of 2024 has arrived and consequently diseases, infections, and viruses. In this season, children fall sick with different kinds of illnesses. The bacterial and viral infections suffered during the monsoon are caused due to humidity, cold, flu, and digestive problems among other problems. To protect the children and keep them healthy in the monsoon season, immunity has to be boosted in the children.

1. Citrus Fruits such as Oranges and Lemons:
Citrus helps the body acquire a sufficient amount of Vitamin C. This is considered to be the most significant nutrition in the body for immunity promotion. This is because it boosts the white blood cells that form a very important part of our immunity system and helps to fight against infection.

2. Garlic and Honey:
The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of garlic are well known in boosting immunity. Combined with honey, which also contains compounds with antimicrobial effects, garlic results in a combination that can enhance the body’s defenses. The patients can take garlic in their foods or blend it with honey in tea.

3. Yogurt:
Yogurt contains probiotics, which are helpful bacteria in maintaining a healthy gut environment. With regular consumption, it helps in maintaining a robust immune system. It helps the digestive system and increases overall resilience, all in natural ways.

4. Turmeric:
It contains curcumin, an effective anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. This means that adding it to soups, curries, or even milk makes it assimilate quite well, providing benefits in terms of immunity to kids.

5. Almonds and Lentils:
Almonds have Vitamin E; an antioxidant that helps to go a long way in strengthening the immune system. Lentils give your health a boost by providing fiber and protein. Rich in fibers, proteins, and important vitamins and minerals, including, say, a small handful of either almonds or lentils in the daily diet of a child, will enhance many nutritional values.

Immunizing children to consume these immune-boosting foods can make their immunity stronger, making them healthier and more resilient in the monsoon season.

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