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Former Deputy Sarpanch Laments Financial Strain Due to Unfulfilled Commitments

In a poignant revelation, Lakshmi, the former deputy sarpanch of Gollapally village in Vanaparthi district, poured out her grievances on Tuesday, accusing former minister Niranjan Reddy of deception and financial hardship. Visibly distressed, Lakshmi shared her ordeal with MLA Thudi Meghareddy during his visit to the village.

The heart of the matter lies in Niranjan Reddy’s alleged promise to provide Lakshmi, whose husband faces disability, with a house. Trusting in this assurance, Lakshmi took a substantial loan of Rs.10 lakh to initiate the construction. However, she now finds herself burdened by the weight of unfulfilled commitments, leading to a precarious financial situation.

During his visit, MLA Thudi Meghareddy inaugurated the newly constructed Gram Panchayat building in the village. Seizing the opportunity, he announced the Congress government’s initiative to provide Indiramma houses to every homeless individual, assuring Lakshmi of support and inclusion in this housing scheme.

As the story unfolds, the former minister faced criticism for not honoring promises made to Lakshmi, who had been elected as deputy sarpanch from the BRS party. Despite these challenges, the MLA highlighted plans for constructing new buildings for Gram Panchayats, emphasizing an ongoing commitment to local development amid individual hardships.

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