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Former Health Minister Vidadala Rajini’s Illegal Corruptions

Former Health Minister Vidadala Rajini's Illegal Corruptions


In the days of monarchy, the king’s word was law, and his actions were the rule. If the king was angry, there were whiplashes; if he was kind, there were garlands of diamonds. Now, there are no kings or kingdoms, and such governance is no longer tolerated by the people. However, some public representatives still treat their constituencies as their kingdoms, causing immense trouble to the people. Just as there were weapons to rebel against the king in those days, now people have the right to vote. Using this right, the people have brought a representative who ruled like a queen for the past five years to a situation where she cannot even face the public. Who is she? What is the constituency?

People elect leaders as their representatives with the hope that they will solve their problems and lead the constituency on the path of development. However, some MLAs, intoxicated by power, misused their authority, treating the constituency as their kingdom and ruling arbitrarily. They are now paying the price for their actions. Several public representatives from the previous YSRCP government made it difficult for people to carry out any business or avail of government schemes without paying bribes. With the fan symbol collapsing under the coalition’s onslaught and a new government forming, the illegal activities of YSRCP leaders are coming to light one by one.

The Chilakaluripet constituency in the united Guntur district has become a hot topic in AP politics. Vidadala Rajini, who became an MLA for the first time and continued as a minister for five years, shocking even senior leaders, is now facing revelations about how she troubled the people of her constituency with the backing of power. Constituents themselves are now speaking out, claiming she ruled with her followers and family members in a monarchical manner. Complaints are surfacing about the actions of her brother-in-law Gopi and her PA Ramakrishna as well.

Initially, farmers from Pasumarru complained to the SP about Rajini. They alleged that she was involved in a massive scam in the Jagananna Colony lands. They claimed that 200 acres of land were acquired from farmers under the guise of Jagananna Colony, with Rajini’s team taking a bribe of 2.5 lakhs per acre. They demanded the recovery of the money taken by Rajini. The affected farmers also submitted a petition to Chilakaluripet MLA Prathipati Pulla Rao, asking for legal action against Rajini.

Faced with unexpected resistance from the farmers, Rajini corrected her mistakes and returned a total of 1.16 crore rupees through intermediaries to 32 farmers from whom land was taken. The farmers claimed that Rajini, fearing cases, returned the money, although some alleged that part of the returned money was also taken as commission. Inspired by the Pasumarru farmers, farmers from Gudevaripalem are now ready to file complaints against Rajini, alleging that 4 lakhs were taken as commission for compensation money given for their lands acquired for Jagananna Colony. The victims reported that Rajini’s PA Ramakrishna was involved, with Srikanth Reddy acting as an intermediary. TDP MP Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu has also received complaints about Rajini’s illegal occupation of land in Chilakaluripet town and threats made by Rajini’s brother-in-law Gopinath over a petrol bank site.

It is alleged that Rajini not only disrupted the police system but also turned protectors of the people into her personal guards to maintain her rule. Business owners in her constituency were reportedly forced to pay bribes to Rajini’s family members or her bodyguards, in addition to government taxes. The Lakshmi Balaji Stone Crusher incident in Yadlapadu is an example, where it was alleged that bribes were collected since 2010 to allow the business to run. A complaint was filed with the Narasaraopet DSP stating that Rajini’s PA Ramakrishna demanded 5 crores to keep the business running and threatened consequences if the money was not paid. The complainants also mentioned that former vigilance SP Joshua demanded 50 crores, threatening that irregularities had occurred. When approached for settlement, Rajini’s PA demanded 5 crores for case dismissal. After approaching Rajini’s brother-in-law Gopi, a deal was set for 2 crores to Rajini, 10 lakhs to Joshua, and 10 lakhs to Gopi, which was reportedly paid on April 4, 2021.

Accusations have surfaced that Rajini used her powers as an MLA not for constituency development but for her political growth. She created an impenetrable fence around herself, making it impossible for common people to approach her. Her family members were allegedly involved in every work in the constituency, using power indirectly as if they were the MLAs, leading to her defeat. Just as the people overthrew tyrant kings, the people of Chilakaluripet are now seething at the mention of Rajini’s name. Despite contesting from Guntur West in the 2024 elections, she faced defeat, a far cry from her 2019 win from Chilakaluripet. It is said that even party workers had to pass through three levels of security to meet her, and those who worked for her victory now lament her misconduct.

With numerous controversies and allegations, Rajini cannot face her constituency. The criticisms suggest that abusing power for personal gain leads to such consequences. It remains to be seen how long this situation will persist.

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