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Former Team India Cricketer Commits Suicide 

Former Team India Cricketer Commits Suicide 


Ex-Team India cricketer David Johnson, who represented India in two Tests within the span of two months, reportedly committed suicide. A right-arm fast bowler, Johnson made his debut against Australia at Delhi. He could take only one wicket in his career — that of Michael Slater. He got another opportunity during the tour of South Africa to play in Durban where he took two wickets. David Johnson, who led Sachin Tendulkar in Team India, is no more. As per media reports, David Johnson committed suicide by leaping from the fourth floor of his apartment complex. Reports emerged that David Johnson was suffering from depression. Born in 1971, he was 52 when he passed away, and he resided in Bangalore with an academy for cricket.

David Johnson’s Career:

David Johnson played two Test matches for India. He made his debut in October 1996 against Australia in Delhi and he played his last international match in December of the same year. He then moved out of the Indian team and never returned. Johnson also turned up for Karnataka in Ranji Trophy, taking 125 wickets in 39 matches. Apart from this, he took 41 wickets in 33 List A matches. Johnson also scored a hundred in first-class cricket with 101 as his best ever score.

Academy Work:

David Johnson ran an academy in Bangalore where he used to coach junior-level players in cricket with special emphasis on the encouragement of girls to take up this game. His academy started in the year 2020, and he was updating its activities regularly on Facebook. But nobody knows whether he was suffering from depression and when he took his life. He has recently lost his life.

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