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“Formula E-Race Cancellation in Hyderabad Sparks Controversy

The cancellation of the much-anticipated Formula E-Race in Hyderabad has sparked a flurry of reactions, with former minister KTR leading the charge against the Congress government in Telangana. Scheduled as the fourth round of E-Race Season-10 on February 10, the event promised not only to elevate Hyderabad’s global standing but also to captivate racing enthusiasts nationwide.

Expressing his disappointment, KTR took to Twitter to denounce the decision, labeling it as “wicked and regressive.” He emphasized the potential of events like the Hyderabad E-Prix in enhancing the city’s brand image and capturing international attention. The abrupt cancellation, especially after significant efforts to bring the Formula E-Prix to India for the first time, left KTR visibly frustrated.

However, the organizers of the Formula E-Race shed light on a different perspective, pointing fingers at the Telangana government’s municipal department for violating the host city agreement established on October 30. The Formula E Operations (FEO) stated that such breaches compelled them to reconsider Hyderabad as the venue. Consequently, the racing spectacle is now slated to take place in Hankook Mexico City, leaving Hyderabad’s racing enthusiasts and stakeholders pondering what could have been.

The unfolding situation underscores the complexities involved in hosting international events and highlights the need for seamless coordination between organizers and local authorities. As the dust settles, questions linger about the missed opportunity and the broader implications for Hyderabad’s aspirations in the global sporting arena.

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