Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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France Elections First Round of Polling

France Elections First Round of Polling


The parliamentary election season has begun in France. These elections are taking place in two phases and the first round of polling concluded Sunday. The second round of polling is scheduled for July 7. The voter turnout for the first round was 69 percent. Compared to the 2022 elections, there was a 22% increase in voter turnout. It has 49.5 million voters who are expected to elect 577 members of the parliament.

The stiff election battle doughed out is between President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist coalition, far-right National Rally, and the New Popular Union. The Renaissance Party of President Macron, however, dealt a major blow during the European Parliament elections. On the other side, the far-right party National Rally led by Marine Le Pen has been making heat Threats to such an extent that Macron was compelled to dissolve parliament and call early elections, leaving many surprised.

According to the final exit polls carried out after the first round of polling, this spells great doom for Macron’s Centrist coalition, whose seat allocation, according to survey organizations, seems limited. Results, from a general overview, favor the National Rally of Marine Le Pen, going to win with 34% of the vote. The exit polls indicate that a centrist coalition under Macron is expected to get as low as only 20 to 23 percent of the vote. The same percent, 29% of votes, will be taken by the coalition of the New Popular Union. These results of the exit poll created huge discussions. Many people believe that Macron’s defeat is sure. But still, we can’t predict anything because the second round of polls is on 7th July. We all have to wait a few more days to get the complete result.

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