Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Good News for Central Government Employees – Chance of Salary Increase Up to ₹26,000

Good News for Central Government Employees - Chance of Salary Increase Up to ₹26,000


8th Pay Commission : This time, a massive salary hike is expected, and the central government is going to declare it soon. Recently, National Council Secretary Shiva Gopal Mishra has written a letter regarding the proposal to constitute the 8th Central Pay Commission. Mishra has urged the central government to set up the commission and concentrate on the revision of salaries and allowances. The letters have been addressed to the Cabinet Secretary.

Impact of the 8th Central Pay Commission

If the recommended proposals of the 8th Central Pay Commission are accepted by the Government, then nearly 4.9 million Government employees will immediately start being benefitted by the recommendations. Further, the revised pay structure will also benefit, approximately, about 6.8 million pensioners.

Frequency and Implementation of Pay Commissions

Pay commissions are considered to be normally implemented after every 10 years with revision made up taking the prevailing conditions. Recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission were passed in 2016, and the next set of recommendations is due for 2026. Now, if the government comes up with the plan of setting the 8th Pay Commission, it would take about a year to 18 months to upload its recommendations, but it would again take the same amount of time to implement those recommendations by the government. According to national media reports, these could come into effect in 2026.

In the case of employees, salary increase could very often remain at the mercy of the fitment factor recommended by the pay commission. For the 8th Pay Commission, this has been pegged at 3.68 times. As of now, the minimum basic salary for central government employees remains ₹18,000. With a fitment factor coming in at 3.68 times, basic pay could get enhanced by ₹8,000 to ₹26,000.

Previous Pay Commissions’ Implementation Timeline

For example, it was implemented fully in 19 months from the date on which recommendations were submitted by the 5th CPC and it took 32 months for the 6th CPC. On the other hand, the recommendations by the 7th CPC were implemented in the sixth month from the due date, where the central cabinet approved the recommendations in June 2016. Now one needs to wait for how the government will decide with respect to establishing the 8th Central Pay Commission.

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