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Good News: Good news for alcoholics. now check for side effects

Good News: Good news for alcoholics. now check for side effects


Swiss scientists have announced good news to alcoholics. They are working on a new way to check for side effects caused by alcohol by checking for protein jellies in a unique way. Researchers hope to prevent alcohol-related issues. Health problems may be reduced through this method. Currently they are conducting experiments on this gel. If successful, they plan to test it on humans.

Researchers are preparing protein jellies. They aim to check for the side effects on the body caused by alcohol. The entry of alcohol into body leads to formation of acetaldehyde. It is a toxic compound that directly affects mucous membrane in the body. This leads to rapid absorption of alcohol. Blood vessels in the body absorb it quickly. Therefore consuming bit of alcohol immediately after taking alcohol can start to show side effects.

Alcohol getting into the body reduces acidity levels in the stomach. It turns alcohol into acetic acid. However acetic acid is harmful to the body especially in high quantities. German researchers have done experiments on this T-hydroxyuric acid. They found that when alcohol enters the blood, it changes into acetaldehyde. This is a toxic substance. It is important to be aware of how some types of experiments have been done on certain protein preparations containing iron glucose and gold nanoparticles.

In the experiment, the gel was given to two groups of mice. One group was given alcohol once. The other group was given alcohol for 10 days. After period of five hours the alcohol percentage was checked in their bodies. After six hours of testing, the alcohol levels decreased to 56%. They observed that giving this gel to mice that had been given alcohol for 10 days prevented harmful effects. Researchers also noted that these mice showed signs of liver bladder and liver damage, without consuming excessive substances

Researchers are currently working to understand how this gel affects humans. They are also asking researchers to conduct experiments with this gel. They want to see if it can prevent 30 million deaths annually caused by alcohol addiction. Researchers express hope that the efficacy of this gel can also be tested on humans. By working similarly on humans. They believe it will be possible to prevent the 30 million deaths that occur each year due to alcohol addiction.

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