Monday, September 25, 2023
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Google’s largest campus out of US in Hyderabad

To reinforce the government’s school modernization endeavors with digital teaching and learning tools and solutions, the IT minister of Telangana KT Ramarao broke ground for Google’s largest campus outside of their headquarters at Mountain View, USA. The mining work at the construction site has been concluded.

The campus is just a walking distance of Amazon’s biggest global campus. The building will be built with 23 floors and 94 meters high in a vast area of 7.3 acres. Google will be funding Rs 1000 crore for this campus which is expected to create over 6000 jobs. The construction of the building will be completed within a year.

Both the Telangana government and Google have also signed an MoU and Google will associate with the directorate through its various arms to extend scholarships for Google career certificates to youth, and support women, and entrepreneurs, through digital, business and financial skills training. 

An energy-efficient campus was built in the financial district Nanakramguda, which measures 3.3 million sq.ft with cost-effectiveness.

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