Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Gowda Sanghas Petition Governor on Geetha Workers’ Concerns.”

“Gowda Sanghas Petition Governor on Geetha Workers’ Concerns.”


Leaders from the Gowda Sanghas took a proactive step by submitting a petition to Governor Tamilisai, aiming to shed light on the challenges and issues faced by Geetha workers within the state. The delegation, notably led by prominent figures such as Telangana Gowda Sanghas Coordinating Committee State President Balagouni Balraj Goud and BC Kula Sanghas JAC Chairman Kundarapu Ganesh Chari, convened at the Raj Bhavan for this crucial discussion. During this meeting, Governor Tamilisai was comprehensively briefed on the multifaceted challenges confronting BC castes and the specific concerns of Geetha workers.

In response, Governor Tamilisai expressed profound concern and highlighted the historical neglect by the preceding government towards the BC community. She criticized the previous administration’s unfulfilled promises and emphasized the urgent need for the current Congress-led government to address these long-standing issues. Governor Tamilisai’s strong stance was evident as she urged immediate action and appealed for a dedicated and special initiative to be launched promptly. This call to action underscores the pressing nature of the challenges faced by BC and Geetha workers, signaling a pivotal moment for the government to demonstrate its commitment to equity, justice, and socio-economic development for these communities.

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