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Harish Shankar’s Fiery Tweet Sparks Attention Amid Upcoming Releases 

Harish Shankar's Fiery Tweet Sparks Attention Amid Upcoming Releases


Harish Shankar’s Fiery Tweet Sparks Attention Amid Upcoming Releases Tollywood town hot and controversial director Harish Shankar has taken on to the much-talked virtual world of ‘X’ to spit his thoughts over upcoming much-hyped projects. He stated, “The movie is releasing soon, but that doesn’t mean I will be calm and obedient about what is happening around me. This time, an aged fox is wiring something even on the eve of its release. I am ready to see the end.” This tweet has received lots of attention, and speculation is going on among fans and circles close by.

Harish Shankar is one of the well-known people in the Telugu film industry, acclaimed as a director and known for being plain and honest. The director is currently doing two big projects. One of them is “Mr. Bachan,” featuring Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. There isn’t any official release date announced for this movie yet, but the leaks on ‘X’ confirm that the film has its premiere on the 14th with an official release on the 15th of August. The promotion of “Mr. Bachan” is in full swing in both social media sites, creating enough noise thereafter.

Known for rapid-fire and social media hyperactivity, Harish Shankar uses these platforms for promotional activity, but he also never hesitates to express his raw opinions on them. His last tweet fuels undercurrent tension and controversy, while at the same time being full of steam, such as the steam for the release of Mr. Bachan, thus intriguing his followers.

Apart from “Mr. Bachan,” Harish Shankar is also penning down for magnum opus “Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh” featuring the Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Andhra Pradesh’s incumbent Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan brings a registered political content to the film. The project has created a lot of buzz and is eagerly looked for by his fans.

Much of Harish Shankar’s reputation in Tollywood is founded on his erstwhile firm, downright straight, and at times satirical approach to filmmaking and even public discourse. All this has given him a niche position amongst the rest, through his sterling ability to suffuse elements of humor and critique into his films. Reviewers and audiences are fondly looking out for more of his upcoming projects despite hateful overflowing on the controversies.

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