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Heartbreaking: Death toll in Morocco rises past 2800

In a heartbreaking development, the death toll in Morocco due to the devastating earthquake is rising steeply, augmenting the grief in the affected region. The survivors of the earthquake are searching for their family members, but in many cases, they are left with no hope, due to the high intensity of the earthquake. 

It has been three days since the earthquake hit the north African nation, but rescue efforts are yet to be stepped up due to the difficult terrain and unfavourable circumstances. While 1,000 deaths were reported on the very first day of the earthquake, the number went past 2,800 by Tuesday. Local people are worried that more deaths may be reported in the coming days. More than 2500 people have also been severely injured.

Immediately after knowing the shocking news of the Morocco earthquake, the world united in mourning for the victims of the quake. Many nations also came forward to offer help in these times of urgency and need. But the Moroccan Government has been selectively taking help, citing logistic and management issues.

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